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  • How to Purchase FIFA 15 Coins on Fifapal
  • You get an account with the exact amount of FIFA 15 coins you purchase from Fifapal Live Help, and then you transfer these coins into your account by yourself. How to transfer FIFA 15 coins by yourself?

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  • Introduction of Fifa 16 Players 50-41 Ratings & Expectation of Ratings 31-40

    Every player of fifa16 is expecting FIFA 16 player ratings. Followed by the introduction of China Women's National Football Team overall player ratings, EA revealed FIFA 16 Player Ratings (#50 - #41). Players are having a heated discussion on the ratings. Fifapal will summarize some hot discussed perspective. Generally, the discussed topic includes two aspects – the comments about 50-41 ratings in their opinions and expecting for 41-31 ratings. If you prepare for fifa 16, you can buy cheap and safe fifa 16 coins ps3.

  • FIFA 16: China Women's National Football Team Overall Player Ratings Revealed

    In the previous time, EA has already announced that FIFA 16 will enable 12 women's national teams, and the Chinese women's team will also appear in the game. Recently, the ability and ratings of Chinese women's football players were exposed, showing pretty high stats to build a fantasy FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. 

  • Fifa 16 Beta Feedback: More Fluid Pitch Experience & Corruption Issue on PS4

    Due to the random selection, fifa fans that with over 2000 games played might not access to the fifa 16 beta. Now as the beta availability has been lasted for some days, we can get some players’ pitch experience and see how fifa 16 will work. Apart from that, EA also mentioned a problem that targets the PS4 edition, as the download of the game is at risk of being corrupted due to the console's rest mode feature. 

  • What FUT Will Be Like in FIFA16 as Transfer Market Isn't Available on the Web App?

    So far there have been some days since fifa 16 was available for exclusive beta. During the only a month’s waiting, are you curious about how Fifa Ultimate Team is gonna be like on the fifa 16 launch day? In fifa 15, gamers can easily get full gold teams by paying some fifa 15 coins on web app. However, it is likely that gamers cannot build a strong squad this year as the transfer market isn't available on the web app. 

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