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  • How to Purchase FIFA 16 Coins on Fifapal
  • 1. Set the buy now price correctly for your player, make sure the start price must be a Special value, but not the regular price. 
  • 2. Put your player into the transfer market, set 3 days of the auction duration, and set your "buy now price" equal to the coins your order.
  • 3.Contact with our 24/7 live help and provide your Account Name, Passwords and Verification Code.
  • 4. As soon as the coins are delivered, our live help will note you in email or phone.
  • See details about steps to buy fifa 16 coins on Fifapal.

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  • Critical Things That Need to Consider When Build a Squad in FIFA 16

    Fifa 16 have launched about one month. This period of time, players come across many issues in fifa 16. For example, most players regard fifa 16 is ultra attacking & high pressure. Certainly, problems are always appearing for gamers in fifa 16. Today, fifapal offers the discussion about a squad built. For this question, most gamers mentioned the fifa coins because it will take fifa 16 coins to buy some players you want.

  • Tips of Overcoming Ultra Attacking & High Pressure in FIFA 16

    FIFA 16 have launched about three weeks up to now. It seems that there is half downcast and half glad for players. Many respects are upgraded such as Photoshop of players, background music, the new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team and so on. However, players are also full of complaint for some changes which affects their experience for FIFA 16 such as ultra attacking & high pressure.Honestly, maybe you should buy some cheap fifa 16 coins to help you overcome some difficult.


  • How to find a reliable site to buy FIFA 16 Coins

    Do you want to buy fifa 16 coins? Perhaps you are searching for a reliable site where you can find cheap fifa 16 coins with safe coins and fast delivery. Fifapal is the best choice. Fifapal obeys the prestige first, the customer supreme principle and provides the highest quality service wholeheartedly for every customer. Fifapal is a very experienced fifa 16 coins supplier.


  • The Reason and Result of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Disconnection Issue

    FIFA 16 have launched a few days and appeared some issue in game. However, disconnection issue is the most concerned one, because this issue lead to cost players fifa 16 coins and point. This would be annoying in and of itself, but it becomes all the more irritating due to how the game fails to recognize the difference between the disconnection happening as a result of an issue with EA's servers, and as a result of a player purposely quitting a match.

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