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  • How to Purchase FIFA 15 Coins on Fifapal
  • You get an account with the exact amount of FIFA 15 coins you purchase from Fifapal Live Help, and then you transfer these coins into your account by yourself. How to transfer FIFA 15 coins by yourself?

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  • Three Pre-order Editions Revealed for Fifa 16 with Varying Bonuses Provided

    FIFA 16 has been confirmed to release on September 22 with all new features. And so far on June 18, three different pre-order editions were officially introduced to Fifa 16, featuring varying bonuses to suit all types of gamers. Come for details!

  • Official E3 Trailer for Fifa 16: More Balanced, Authentic and Playable

    After a long-term waiting with speculation and expectation on fifa 16, features of this new version has been finally revealed in E3 gameplay trailer. With new gameplay innovations, slide tackle, no touch dribbling, and so on, fifa 16 will be a great revolution to provide a more balance, authentic and playable football game!

  • FIFA 16 Graphics Gameplay and New Features Will Be Revealed in E3 Trailer

    EA has confirmed that fifa 16 will join in E3 conference, in which new features, including major graphics and gameplay improvements will be revealed. Before the E3 trailer publishes on June 15, let’s take a first look at what will be improved and what is the most expectation from gamers!

  • Is Saudi League Team Professional Enough to Get TOTS in FUT15?

    Saudi League Team was introduced to make its TOTS debut in Fifa 15, whose players has been available in FUT 15 pack so far and will last to June 8. However, its’ release has raised lots of questions about how EA released a TOTS for this league that is regarded as an inefficient football team. 

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